Windows PowerShell
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PS C:\Users\Jon Procter> whoami
Jon Procter

PS C:\Users\Jon Procter> Get-Content aboutme.txt
Hi! I'm Jon, I'm an IT technician and student from Hampshire, England and I'm studying a Media + Politics combined honours degree. I currently work in web/email hosting as well as IT support (primarily for small businesses), which gives me a wide range of skills ranging from fixing printers to server provisioning, configuration, and maintenance.

The degree I'm currently studying also gives me a wide range of analytical skills and research skills, along with the actual knowledge from the course units themselves. As well as maintaining work hosting servers, I have my own servers that I use for hosting websites emails for myself and a handful of other people.

PS C:\Users\Jon Procter> Get-Content links.txt
Facebook: jonprocter
Instagram: @jonprocter
Last.FM: jonprocter

PS C:\Users\Jon> exit